Our Role

Australian National Ground Segment Technical Team

The Australian National Ground Segment Technical Team (ANGSTT) coordinates a national network of Earth Observation Satellite (EOS) ground stations and provides a collaboration forum to share knowledge amongst the Australian public sector infrastructure operators.

The benefits of a National EOS ground network are:

  1. Increased infrastructure resilience to future data volume increases;
  2. Mitigation of anticipated future operating costs particularly increases in communications costs through consolidation and economies of scale;
  3. Increased opportunities for downlinking research datastreams;
  4. Effective management of data communications and storage in the context of increasing data volumes;
  5. Increased ability for EOS users to leverage and use available resources to focus on value-adding activities in their sector, and extend the reach of their programs;
  6. Increased cooperation with international space agencies and better/early access to new data streams; and
  7. Significantly improved data reception capability under simplified administrative arrangements.

ANGSTT provides current and future EOS satellite missions with a coordinated technical point of contact for ground reception queries and works in coordination with and under the broader guidance of Earth Observation Australia.

The role of ANGSTT includes but is not limited to:

  1. EOS ground station planning, construction, operation, maintenance and decommissioning;
  2. Preparation for future EOS satellite missions;
  3. Technical engagement with proposed missions wanting Australian government ground segment partners;
  4. Asset planning;
  5. Networking and communications;
  6. Spectrum planning, management and lobbying on behalf of the EOS community;
  7. Work Health and Safety;
  8. Sharing of experiences with different suppliers, coordinated procurements and coordinated purchasing/management of spare parts;
  9. Telemetry stitching;
  10. Coordinated scheduling of, and conflict resolution between, dishes which may be owned by different agencies; and
  11. Operating calibration instrumentation which directly add value to satellite products.

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